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Disciples Edge Karate
20 Seventh Ave.
Laurel, MT 59044


Who is the Disciples Edge Karate Instructor?

Jeff Rupp - 5th degree Black Belt.  Jeff has been a student of Toushi Kan Martial Arts for over 25 years and he continues to train with Grand Master Shigeki Umemoto (Kancho), founder of the Toushi Kan M.A. Institute an 8th degree Black Belt in Karate and holding belts in 4 other styles.

Shihan Jeff is active in the christian faith and believes strongly that your faith is something that is part of everything you do.  As such Disciples Edge Karate incorporates discussions of christian beliefs and principles.

Shihan Jeff believes Martial Arts is a lifestyle and a wonderful family activitiy, as such he and his entire family paraticipate and believe their life is to be lived as a Kingdom Family.  Pictured below is Grand Master ShigekiUmemoto, Sempai Rosalee Rupp, Shihan Jeff Rupp, Elizabeth & Rachael
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