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Martial Arts - Laurel, MT 
Disciples Edge Karate
Christian Martial Arts

Have I not commanded you to be strong and courageous?  Do not be terrified.  Do not be discouraged!  For the Lord God is with you wherever you go.  

Joshua 1:9

Laurel, Montana's Disciples Edge Karate teaches values such as strength, courage, discipline, honor and respect.  These values are also foundational to the Christian Faith.  God created us and all that is, including Martial Arts.  Martial Arts participation does not require meditation or other Asian/Eastern philosophical methods.

We teach and encourage students in the Disciples Edge Karate classes to honor God in all that we do.  We invite God to each class by starting with prayer.  A typical class includes the beginning "bow-in", opening prayer, stretching, basics (strikes, punches, and kicks), a game or two for the Kid's classes and the main lesson.  The main lesson can vary from class to class, but usually includes bag work, movement practice, sparring, kata (forms), or weapons.  We finish class with a 3-5 minute discussion on principles, values and biblical truths.


Karate is the study of SELF DEFENSE primarily through the physical use of the hands & feet. Karate is a martial art. Martial arts are a military art, not a philosophical or religious art. Often philosophical or religious aspects are incorporated into a martial art style.

Disciples Edge Karate is a Christian club. Meaning that we have incorporated religious philosophies into our style of martial arts. We start class with a prayer and at the beginning of class we will discuss life skills, Christian values and beliefs or work on memory verses.

This karate club is associated with Toushi Kan Karate. Toushi Kan Karate is a style of Japanese traditional karate. The founder and head instructor of Toushi Kan Karate is Grand Master Shegeki Umemoto. Mr. Umemoto is an 8th degree black belt, in January 2008 he celebrated teaching martial arts for 40 years. He also holds black belts in four other martial arts.  Grand Master Umemoto teaches in Billings and Great Falls, Montana.

Shihan Jeff Rupp is the instructor of Disciples Edge. He currently holds a fifth degree black belt, and has been teaching karate since January 2007. Shihan Jeff has been studying karate for over 25 years.  Shihan's wife, Sempai Rosalee Rupp, holds a first degree black belt and is also an assistant instructor.  
The Toushi Kan system of Karate Do is a unique blend of Japanese and Korean styles of techniques, including karate, taekwondo, judo, and hapkido.  The institute was founded by Grand Master Shigeki Umemoto (Kancho - means Head of School), who has studied martial arts for over 6 decades and began his Institute over 5 decades ago.  His objective for the Toushi Kan Institute is development of strong character, accomplished through the nurturing of a positive attitude, improved physical fitness and health, self discipline, increased self confidence, good will, and the gradual perfection of each person's unique character and personality.

(406) 855-3153

20 Seventh Avenue,   Laurel, MT 59044

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