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Disciples Edge Karate's goal in teaching your child is three-fold:
1st – Teach your child karate. Karate will help your child become STRONGER and more COURAGEOUS. We believe for our children to be more successful in life they need to be strong and courageous. You will notice that my favorite memory verse is Joshua 1:9.

2nd – Karate will challenge your child physically. We believe that we need to be actively engaging our children in EXCITING EXERCISE. The benefits of exercise are huge. Today it is very easy to live a life without much exercise, and that is not healthy for children or adults!

3rd – To actively impress LIFE SKILLS on our students! A few of the life skills we will be working on are RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, CONFIDENCE & FOCUS. It is important to engage the students in discussions and actions that promote the understanding and use of life skills that the students will use in all aspects of their life.

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